Hand Held Grain Analyzer

Leading the way in Ag Technology, AGI SureTrack has released another hardware offering for the connected farm.  Available only through the AGI SureTrack platform, the AGI FieldLab grain analyzer delivers grain content data, enabling more robust marketing options for grain producers and better supply chain management for grain buyers when sourcing based on protein, starch, and oil content.  The new AGI FieldLab grain analyzer supports increased productivity and profitability for both grain producers and grain buyers.

The AGI FieldLab is a hand-held, Bluetooth® device, manufactured by Consumer Physics and powered by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. With accuracy on par with the best benchtop spectrometers, at a fraction of the cost, the tool analyzes grain quickly and reliably, delivering the data directly to the SureTrack platform.

The AGI FieldLab’s sensor tests the grain based on material composition. Simply fill the cup with grain and press scan on the cloud-connected mobile app. Within seconds, the data is transferred from the smart phone to the SureTrack platform where the quality-assessed grain can be assigned to a specific bin, which can then be post-harvest managed by BinManager™. This content-driven enhancement further closes the traceability gap on farm. By assigning grain by content, like high oil or high protein, the user unlocks specialty markets that pay premiums for specific characteristics.

With the market’s first portable, yet rugged NIR analyzer, users can field test with accuracy and ease and perform two thousand scans from one small, rechargeable battery. Each unit delivers with a one-year warranty and a durable carrying case.

AGI SureTrack is an independent operational management platform that converts data points to profit. Through a variety of software and hardware solutions, users can collect and translate data into actionable events, capturing efficiencies and valuable data to improve performance.

See this for yourself! Bring your grain sample to our Midwest location to test for free!

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