Improve your bottom line by using data that already exists within your operation. We can help you implement the correct hardware to gather that data and give you certainty around your planning process.

AGI SureTrack™ is a platform that collects real-time data from field activity, machinery, and equipment to drive profit through efficiencies and market transparency.

AGI SureTrack BinManager


BinManager® is the industry’s leading grain bin management solution, and the only option on the market to offer a fully automated preservation and conditioning solution. Proper grain storage preserves and conditions grain, helping capture higher profits and creating premium marketing opportunities. As a part of SureTrack FARM®, BinManager’s integrated hardware and software provides a seamless grain storage management experience. The 3D visuals on the AGI SureTrack® online dashboard, combined with industry-leading customer support, put grain storage and conditioning decisions at your fingertips.


BinCheck® Deluxe is designed to deliver flexibility. Check your bin conditions from anywhere at any time. BinCheck Deluxe is the AGI SureTrack® enhanced grain bin monitoring solution to deliver precise in-bin monitoring and reporting for moisture and temperature. Options for electrical or solar battery powered allow you the opportunity to monitor no matter the location of your grain bins. As a part of SureTrack FARM®, BinCheck Deluxe’s integrated hardware and software provides a seamless grain storage monitoring experience. The user-friendly charts, graphs and 3D visuals on the AGI SureTrack online reporting tools, combined with industry-leading customer support put grain storage and conditioning insights at your fingertips.


Easy on-site access without an internet connection. While at your bin site, get live temperature and moisture readings using the BinCheck® Bluetooth® app on your smartphone. The data is shown in easy-to-read tables, helping you decide when to run the fans and heaters to keep your grain in condition. Read up to eight cables per bin and sync multiple bins with BinCheck on the app.