VVA Team

The VVA Team

Southern Division

Jim Cochran

Jim Cochran


Matt Fluke

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Cude

Jeremy Cude

Account Manager

Brax Broadus

Brax Broadus

Account Manager

Steve Graddy, VVA Accounts Manager

Steve Graddy

Account Manager

Darin Halijan, VVA Accounts Manager

Darin Halijan

Account Manager

Jennifer Latham, VVA Accounts Manager

Jennifer Latham

VP, HR & Accounts

Clay Darnell

Clay Darnell

Store Manager

Matt Mullen, VVA Service Manager

Matt Mullen

Service Manager

JR Mullen

JR Mullen

Warehouse Manager

David Becknell

David Becknell


Cameron Treece, VVA Jonesboro Store Manager

Cameron Treece

Service Coordinator

Neal Shannon, VVA Construction Coordinator

Neal Shannon

VP, Operations

Jake Warren, VVA Parts Manager

Jake Warren

Parts Manager

K&D VVA Division

Austin Christmas, VVA Office Manager

Austin Christmas

Office Manager

David Lester

David Lester

Account Manager

Midwest Division

Hayden Cole, Parts Manager

Hayden Cole

General Manager

Jeff Fjelstul, VVA

Jeff Fjelstul

VP, Outside Sales

Richard Noll, VVA Account Manager

Richard Noll

BinManager Sales/Technician

Mike Nesbitt

Matt Nesbitt

Commercial Account Manager

Adam Mussman

Adam Mussman

VP, Design & Quoting

Randy Longbrake

Randy Longbrake

VP, Inside Sales

Matt Beever, Construction

Matt Beever

Construction Manager

Kentucky Division

Marc Thomas

Account Manager


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