Jeff Fjelstul and Brooks Cardinal

Behind the Scenes with Brooks Cardinal: A Look at Cardinal Farms’ Latest Operational Enhancements

We recently had the privilege of catching up with Brooks Cardinal, the renowned star of Live to Farm on Discovery Channel and RFD TV. In our exclusive interview, Brooks shared his experiences with the recent grain system expansion at Cardinal Farms, a project #TeamVVA spearheaded this summer.

Collaboration with Valley View Agri-Systems

“Our experience working with Valley View Agri-Systems has been nothing short of fantastic,” Brooks began. “They really listened to our needs and came up with a plan that was exactly what we were looking for.”

Team Dynamics

Brooks spoke highly of the Valley View team: “The guys from Valley View Agri-Systems were incredible to work with. They spent a lot of time ensuring everything was just right, exactly how we wanted it.”

Solving Problems

When asked about the problems this new installation solved, Brooks explained, “This year’s addition has dramatically changed how we maneuver grain during harvest. It’s not just about increased wet storage; it’s also about boosting our load out capacity and making the whole system more efficient.”

Brooks Cardinal Facility ExpansionImpact on Harvest Efficiency

Brooks elaborated on the efficiency improvements, “This upgrade has sped up our harvest time significantly, which is a big deal in our line of work. It’s all about efficiency and productivity.”

Looking to the Future

Regarding the future, Brooks shared, “We’re looking forward to expanding our storage as our farm grows. We’re also considering an AGI mixed flow dryer from Valley View, which would further enhance our drying time and grain quality.”

What to Expect in “Live to Farm” Season 2

Brooks gave us a sneak peek into this season of “Live to Farm,” “You’ll see more of our farm and family. One of the highlights is the installation of the AGI bins by #TeamVVA. From the concrete work to the final steps, it’s a process we’re excited for viewers to see.”

Our conversation with Brooks Cardinal was inspiring. His family works hard and was great to partner with to add efficiency and enhancements. The installation at Cardinal Farms, with the service and support of Valley View Agri-Systems, are setting new standards in agricultural storage facilities. The upcoming season of “Live to Farm” offers a glimpse into these developments, showcasing the hard work and dedication of the Cardinal family, Team VVA, and AGI.

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